Very useful 3 android apps

very useful apps

1. Mobile number locator

Find out if your phone is lost. We pay and buy the phone. If that phone is suddenly lost. It is very difficult to find. This is how this country still faces this problem.

If we need a lost phone, we can only find that phone for as much as how much it costs to buy that phone. This kind of problem is all over the country.  There is a solution to this problem. We are going to use this application.

Open this application and then enter the number on your phone. Then when you carry the phone, you should have GPS on your phone.

If you do this, you can easily find your phone even if it is lost.

You can also use screen colors with this application. If the phone is lost, use it very well. You can locate your phone immediately. In addition, when a new phone number comes up, the number is in the name.

This application is used to find out. There are three types of processes in this application. Everyone can use it lightly. By doing this you can secure your phone.


2. New messenger

Messenger is on everyone’s phone. Using the same thing can irritate us. But I have come up with a new application.

You can use the wallpapers on your phone to get the colors you need. This will make your messenger look great. He has given more wallpapers.

We can use our favorite wallpaper. Look at your phone through it pretty much. This message application provides a 3d format. Not only that, but they have given many different types of writing.

You can also keep your photos.


3. Chat Messenger keyboard theme

Everyone is using the phone. When we message someone on that phone, we send the message through the keyboard.

Why shouldn’t we use a keyboard that we can use in our daily lives? From now on you can change this keyboard in your favorite colors.

She asked me what you should do for this. A very simple answer I will tell you. This application helps you to do this.

Then open this application. Go there and give them your favorite wallpapers. You will like it in different colors. All colors will be included.

Choose your favorite colors. Then you can put it on your phone. When we do this, we can very well enjoy the keyboard on our phone.

You can also choose your favorite colors and change your keyboard. You will be very happy with it.



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