Top 3 useful android apps 2020, One Of The Best Apps

top 3 apps

Top 3 useful Android apps 2020

1. Best 4k wallpaper

We all use the phone. Let us have our favorite model of the wallpaper. All photos must be downloaded separately. But you can download your favorite wallpaper by using this application. They have provided this facility.

You can download wallpaper using this same application. It has many different types of wallpaper. It has all kinds of wallpapers. You can download many wallpapers such as birds and trees.

You can use wallpapers in different colors on your phone. This application has been used by 10 Million users. We can keep our favorite wallpapers.


2. Calculator Vault for the photo ( hide your photos)

We use all the phones. We’ll see how to hide your photos in it. We can easily hide photos without your friends. We can hide every photo. We can conceal it from nobody.

Using this application you can hide the required photos. After downloading, open the application. Then look like a calculator.

Type your favorite six numbers in it. That’s your password, then the empty file is open. There is an option called Hide where you can hide your photos or videos.

If your friends saw this application open, it would be a calculator. You only know that our photos and videos are in, they don’t know.


3. Disable Phone application

When buying our phone, we have a lot of unused applications. We will look at this information on how to delete that application.

These are the most important tips. I have too many unnecessary applications on my phone. The application I tried to remove but I could not.

So my memory is running high. So I couldn’t save much of my photos and videos. You can easily remove the application like that. It’s very easy to use.

Open this app after downloading it. After opening it will show all the applications on your phone. You can immediately uninstall any applications you don’t need.

Deleting this will reduce your memory.



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