Top 3 secret android apps


Top 3 secret android apps

1. Online shopping apps

You use the app to buy stuff on everyone’s phone. You can buy many shopping products using this application. This can reduce our memory.

There are many different types of shopping applications. For example, Amazon, Flipkart, ShopClues, etc. all have this same application.

We usually need to download this application separately from Flipkart ordering products. Not only this but less MB this application.

More and more employees are using the app, which means 1 million users are using the app. This application is very good.

We can use one MB less by using this application.


2. Best ringtones 2020

With this application, we can select our favorite ringtones and put them on our mobile.

There are over 500 ringtones available and you can choose your favorite ringtones. They have a variety of categories.

You can choose your favorite category and then ringtones sweet. These same applications come in a variety of ringtones.

This application is being used by 5 million users. If you want good ringtones then you can use this application. Make this app open in a wide variety of categories.


3. Hide apps

Here we are going to see how to hide an application on our mobile friends unknowingly. It is very useful for everyone.

I also wanted to hide an application for my friends unbeknownst to me. After opening, they have given a few options. Using it, I took the app on your mobile inside the application.

My application is unknown to my friends when it is carried out.

This application is an application which can be very useful for everyone.



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